Today we post about a dog named Cosmo. A dog we adopted out at 7 months old who just appeared in a Southern CA shelter as a stray….AT SEVEN YEARS OLD.

This is why we microchip….we will never let our dogs sit in a shelter due to whatever caused them to be there – whether they escaped or were abandoned. We have our adopters sign applications, we do home checks, we check vet references, we state in our contract that the adopted dog must be returned to us if situations change and with all that being said and done, Cosmo still ended up in a shelter – many miles away from his initial home.

We don’t know his story, we cannot locate his adopters and at the end of the day, all we care about is the fact that he’s coming back to us. We will take care of all his medical needs, of course, and show him the love he so deserves. We felt as if we failed him but you know, we didn’t. WE kept our word and our promise – unfortunately, his family didn’t. The shelter stated he has either bite wounds or hot spots all over his body, has ear and skin issues and appears to have been kept outdoors. All of that changes today.

Cosmo is very calm, very sweet, and will be available for adoption once he’s fully vetted. Cosmo is also dog friendly. Applications accepted now.

Welcome back, Cosmo. You will never be failed again. HUGE thanks to April for transporting our sweet boy ❤️