My name is Moses, and although my story will surely have a happy ending now, had it not been for my foster parents here in Redding, the outcome would not have been good for me. In fact, I’m fairly confident that I would not be here to write my story. My foster parents were notified about me by a shelter in central CA. They were told that I looked like a purebred Shar Pei, but I really am of mixed heritage. That didn’t matter to them-they took a look at my photo and into my eyes and decided that I deserved an opportunity to live a ‘normal’ life. You see, I had been hit by a car and just left on the road. Both my back legs were broken and needed orthopedic surgery sooner than later. My pelvis was crushed. My foster parents decided that Dr. Larry could probably put me back together and give me the best possible chance to walk again. So, today, a month after both legs received the necessary surgeries, I am happy to say I’m on the road to recovery. I’m having a hard time staying put, and I need two months of ‘down’ time following the surgeries to heal properly. I am halfway there. My foster parents are taking real good care of me, and I am so grateful to have been given this second chance.

I am only about a year old and am looking forward to a long and happy life. I have continued to grow and trust while in rescue and I am finally showing my true colors – a playful pup who is so deserving of a home. I am such a happy boy and eager to please. I won’t ask for much-just keep me safe and love me the way I want to love you unconditionally. Please help me write the ‘happy ending’ chapter of my life by letting me be part of your life and making great memories and sharing many wonderful adventures together.