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We are very proud of our hundreds of successful adoptions, and the many happy families that have returned to adopt from us again, and again, over the years.

Here are photos of some of our adopted kids. You can search by dog or family name.


Liberty has been adopted by Sean and Lawrence and will be calling Portland, OR, home.

Greetings everyone. I have been in this rescue once already. I was placed in a home about six years ago with a wonderful couple who loved me dearly. They spent all of their time with me, and I was very spoiled by them. They had Shar Pei before, but they said I was the funniest one they had ever had, and I kept them laughing. About two years ago my “dad” was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and all of our lives changed forever. There were many new people in and out of our house, and my “mom” had to spend a lot of time with Smitty at his medical appointments. Unfortunately, Smitty died last year, and our lives were turned upside down again. The house we had lived in had to be sold, and we moved into an apartment. I really didn’t mind as long as I could be with my mom. That went well for a time, and then we had to find a place that was not quite so expensive. Throughout these moves, my mom always found a place where I could go with her-I loved her even more for that because she loved me so much.

Throughout all these changes, I was always a good girl and grateful for the home I had. I tried to let my mom know how much I loved her, but I guess it just wasn’t enough, and she seems to have given up the will to live without her Smitty. She is now in an assisted living facility, and although I could live there with her, she is not physically able to care for me. The only photo she keeps by her bed is of me, so I know how hard it was for her to call my foster parents to see if they would take me back and try to find me a new home where I could once again be loved and cared for. Sometimes bad things really do happen to good people and good dogs.

I will tell you about myself to see if you might be a good fit for me. I am about seven years old now and very healthy. I guess I could stand to lose a few pounds, but I do love my food! I love humans, but I would prefer to be an only dog. I am good natured and loving, and I really like to play with my toys. I know I can make you laugh, and with the world as it is, we can all use a good laugh. If you have room in your heart and home for me, please get in touch with my foster parents here in Redding. Nothing would make me happier than to let my “mom” know that I am once again being spoiled in a loving home. I am sure it would help put her mind as ease as I am her only “family”.


Noah was adopted by Brandy and Steve in Sacramento.

I am another new resident here in Redding. I must say it is much hotter
than where I came from, that being Southern CA. Same old story, I'm another
stray with no form of ID, and no one looking for me, so I ended up in this
rescue. I guess I should count my lucky stars that I am not in a shelter
where the outcome might not have been as good for me. My name is Noah, and
I'm sure you can tell from the photo that I am not 100% Shar Pei. I have
been neutered and had surgery on my eyes. Even though I am not all Pei, I
did need entropion surgery. Dr. Larry thinks I might be a Goldenpei, and
that sounds pretty good to me. I get along with other dogs but have no
experience with kitties. I'm not a big guy-about 40 pounds. I think that's
just about perfect, not too big and not too small. I'm just an average guy,
with better than average looks looking for love in, what I hope to be, all
the right places. Better not wait too long or I'll be spoken for...

Noah's Guardians Angels

Pete Pensa
Greg and Becky Wong and Family
Kevin Lock and Family
Pat Bernstein and Family
Suzanne Bunthawong and Family
Quincy and Mary Lock
Michael Fong and Family
David Fong
Reynolds Family
Anna and Rich, I like the picture of me, Mom and Dad got me new boots this year, my Lab brother Cody doesn't need them. Say Hi to my old friends, MiLi (Millie)


Milton was adopted by Richard in Vista, CA.

Hello, and Happy New Year to all of you. My name is Milton, and my new year is starting out just fine. It's certainly better than playing in traffic where I was found. I also had some sort of stick in my paw that made my situation even worse. Fortunately for me, I have some guardian angels who, previous to this, I never even knew about. They found me and took me to a vet where my leg was treated, and then they notified my foster parents here in Redding who took me in. I had a lump on one of my front legs that turned out to be some sort of thorn. It was working its way toward my joint, and had it gotten there, it would have caused me permanent problems. It has since been removed, I have been neutered, and I have had eye surgery. That's a lot to go through for a young guy like me considering I'm not even a year old yet.

I'm hoping that 2016 will be a better year for me and that I will find my forever home. I can be a little timid when I first meet new people, but what can you expect considering what I have been through. Once I know you, I will be your best friend.
Because I am so young, I do have lots of energy and I'm very playful. If you think I might be the guy for you, please get in touch with my foster parents by way of an adoption application with my name on it-that's MILTON in case you've forgotten!

Milton's Guardians Angels

Anna Kahn
Anna Kahn
Anna Kahn
John Fong and Family
Curtis and Janice Chan
William and Norma Murphy
Richard and Beatrice Fong
William and Partricia Bunderson
Leong Family
Barron and Carol Fong
Barron and Carol Fong


Lucky will be calling Alameda, CA, home with Gary and Sheryl.


Levi has gone to live in South Lake Tahoe with the Hughes family.

Hello everyone. My name is Levi, and I come from a small town in northern
CA where I was found, but no one seemed to want me back. I wandered into
this nice man's yard, and he fed me and took care of me for about three
months while trying to locate my owner. No one responded to his ads, so he
contacted my foster parents to see if they had room for me. They agreed to
take me in so here I am in Redding. I'm getting along with everyone
famously, and I do get along with cats and small dogs. I like to be the
"big man on campus" so I really only like dogs smaller than I am. That
doesn't eliminate many since I weigh in at a healthy 75 pounds-and not an
ounce of fat! However, if I stay here for any length of time, I may end up
looking like some of my brothers and sisters here who could use a few weeks
of Jenny Craig, if you know what I mean. Well, I don't know what else I can
tell you, and the picture speaks for itself in terms of my good looks. I am
available and waiting to hear from you.

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