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We are very proud of our hundreds of successful adoptions, and the many happy families that have returned to adopt from us again, and again, over the years.

Here are photos of some of our adopted kids. You can search by dog or family name.


Howard was adopted by Michele and Joey in Carlsbad, CA.

I am another new face here in Redding. I came from a high kill shelter in Southern CA where I was found as a stray. If I look a little worried in this photo, maybe it is because I am. When I was found I had a very heavy chain and large padlock around my neck, and I don't ever want to be subjected to that sort of treatment again. If you should choose to visit me in Redding, I'm sure my foster parents would share the photo of me showing how I looked when I entered the shelter with that chain and lock. Anyway, that's all behind me now, and I am looking forward to a wonderful new life with people who will love and care for me. I am a friendly boy and good with other dogs. For all I've been through, I still like to give kisses and will always come when I am called. Life is already much better for me, but I am looking forward one day to having a family and home of my own-something we all want and deserve. By the way, I go by Howard now or Howie to my friends.

Howard's Guardians Angels

Jamie Pfister
Beth Davis, Donna and John Cross
A Birthday Wish



Hi there. I am the newest resident here at the rescue, and my name is Cory. I came from a high kill shelter in Southern CA, where I was picked up as a stray. It seems I had been "on the streets" for a while. During that time, unfortunately, I learned to be fearful of people and not to trust them. When you have people chasing you and yelling at you that's what happens. When I first got to Redding, I really didn't want anything to do with anyone here. I did not want to interact with my foster parents, and I let them know on no uncertain terms that was how I felt, but they were patient. They did not push me and waited until they felt I was ready to have the spay surgery and eye surgery that I needed. They waited long enough, and yesterday when I got my sutures out, I was even kissing Dr. Larry. I feel like a new person. My medical needs have been taken care of, and most of my emotional scars have healed. It seems that one door has closed and another door to a wonderful future has been opened for me. Maybe you would like to be a part of my new future-I hope so. In the meantime I am glad to be here with people who love me.

Cory's Guardians Angels

Kendra Davis
Christina Lai


Zeus has home to Oregon with the Joerger family.

My name is Zeus, and the first thing I want to say is a big "Thank You". Because of so many of you who donated so generously to this rescue, all my medical needs have been met. This photo was taken just one day after I was neutered and had surgery on my eyes, but they are already looking so much better. Not only that, I can see so much better. I have been described by one of my guardian angels as the "class clown", and I guess that's a pretty accurate description. I'm just a big goofy guy looking for a good time. I am outgoing and friendly with everyone, and I'm not quite sure why my previous owners did not come looking for me when I ended up in a Southern Ca shelter. That doesn't matter anymore, but I did have an unfortunate experience at the shelter where my kennel mate apparently didn't understand my friendly nature. He let me know in no uncertain terms he wanted his space. My face suffered for that encounter, and I was healing nicely when the next thing I know, I was attacked at the boarding facility while waiting for the transport to Northern CA. That was really not my fault-I was just passing by, and another not so friendly dog grabbed by lip through a fence and would not let go. What is it about this face that just makes some other dogs angry? I think it must be jealousy because who could not love this mug? I am actively looking for that special person to love this mug with all its slobber and wet kisses. Could it be you? If you think so, please fill out an application, and maybe we can get to know each other better. Just understand that I know nothing about respecting personal space, and I will invade yours!

Zeus's Guardians Angels

Mary Ferris
Luke Matthew Hones
Therese Tanksley


Ziggy has been adopted by Arlie and is now calling Texas home.

Hello everyone out there in Shar Pei land. Some of you may say I'm not all Pei, but you would be wrong. I'm one of those very unusual bearcoats often misidentified as part Pei and part Chow. Anyway, back to me, and there is nothing more that I would rather talk about. I am not self centered, I just have gotten used to being the center of attention almost everywhere I go. The beginning of my new life started at a shelter in Los Angeles where I was a stray and, as usual, no one came looking for me. I'm lucky this rescue was able to take me since I had some medical issues and was only available to a rescue and not the public. I needed entropion surgery on both eyes as well as "cherry eye" surgery on both eyes, and I had some minor skin concerns and needed to be neutered. This rescue has taken care of all those surgeries and given me much love and attention. So much so that I am now interviewing families who might like to add me to their family. I am only about a year and a half old and quite petite-around 44 pounds. I wouldn't mind being an only dog, but if there is to be another dog I share a home with, I would like it to be a girl-a pretty girl would be a bonus! I'm not sure I will be "home" for the holidays, but I will be working through the holidays to find the family that is a perfect match for me. I know you're out there...

Ziggy's Guardians Angels

Marlene and Ron Buckley
In memory of our first 2 Pei, Moki & BowBow (adopted 1988).
Monzo Family
I am making this donation on behalf of my mom, Cathy. Keep up the amazing work, Anna and Rich. Happy Holidays!


Mollie is now living with her new family, Eric and Liz, in Oklahoma.

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Mollie, and as you can probably tell, I have had more babies than I can count. Not because that is what I wanted, but if we are not altered we follow Mother Nature's call and do what comes naturally. All this breeding has taken its toll on my body, but beauty is only skin deep, and I am still a warm and loving girl. I fear for my puppies-that their lives were as bad or even worse than mine. I came from a small town in Northern CA where I was waiting outside the neighborhood grocery store for my owner. I waited for a very long time. They never came for me, but animal control sure did. They were afraid they would have to put me down because no one wanted to adopt me. As a last resort, they called my foster parents here in Redding who said they would take me in and find someone to give me a better life. Since being here, I have been spayed and had my eyes done. No more puppies for me thank goodness! My body will never be what it once was, but I guess that's true for most of us. I am hoping there is someone out there who can see beyond my physical imperfections and will want to get to know me and love me for who I am on the inside. I am really a good girl and I'm just getting used to getting love and attention-it's a pretty good feeling that I am quickly learning to like and want more of. If you could find it in your heart to open your home to me, I promise you won't be sorry. Just knowing that there are Pei lovers out there reading my story gives me hope.

Mollie's Guardians Angels

Matthew Liboon
Jamie Pfister
Luke Matthew Hones
Phil Forhan
Phil Forhan
Jamie Pfister
Jamie Pfister

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