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We are very proud of our hundreds of successful adoptions, and the many happy families that have returned to adopt from us again, and again, over the years.

Here are photos of some of our adopted kids. You can search by dog or family name.


Lola-now known as Pepper has joined the Trujillo family in the Sacramento area.

Hello. My name is Lola, and as you can see, I am a flowered Shar Pei girl. I was surrendered to a shelter in Lompoc, CA, by my owners. I'm not sure what I did to deserve that, but they walked away without so much as a backward glance. They did leave some info at the shelter about me which may be helpful to anyone who might want to share their home with me. I have lived with other dogs and kids. I know they kept the other dogs I lived with so I don't know why it was me they dumped at the shelter. It makes me feel like I did something wrong, but I don't know what it could have been. I really tried my best to make them happy, but I guess my best was not good enough for them. I am doing great here in Redding, and I even overheard them talking at the vet's office about what a sweet girl I am. I did have to have surgery on one eye, and you can still see the sutures in this photo that was taken just one day after the surgery. I know my foster mom here at the rescue really loves me because she sneaks me treats when on one else is looking-it makes me feel really special. I am under two years old according to the info left with me. I am outgoing and friendly and just looking for a family who does not think it's ok to take one of it's members to a shelter and walk away. I will do my best for you as I did for my previous family, and I hope you will do the same for me. I have feelings too, and it doesn't feel good to be abandoned at shelter where my life may have ended. I am so happy for a second chance-please let me prove it to you.

Lola's Guardians Angels

Barbara Eisenhauer
Phil Forhan


Millie has been adopted by Wes and Marie and will now be living in Whitefish, MT, with her new Lab brother, Cody.

Hello. My name is Milly, and I will be two years old in December. Heck of a Christmas present to find yourself in a rescue environment. My previous owner had heart problems and could no longer take proper care of me so here I am in Redding with so many of my relatives. As you can see, I am a pretty fawn horsecoat girl who gets along with other dogs. I am friendly but need a little bit of time to get to know you. I am willing to give you my heart, I just want to make sure we are the right match. I'm still trying to sort things out and get used to my new accommodations, but really things are good here other than these crazy people get up at 4am every day! I guess I'll get used to it, but if someone out there thinks I'm the right Pei for them, maybe I won't have to. Please help me escape this early morning wake up call....I'm really not a morning person!

Milly's Guardians Angels

Mary Ferris
Jessie Girl, our Shar Pei from your rescue efforts...thank you!
Jamie Pfister
Richard, Kuby and Chloe McCarty
Kris Dulac
Wish you could be our sister but the Moms said we only have room for 4. Hope you find a forever home soon. love, Akima, Cyrus, Juno and Quinn.
Lynn Bowers


Willow will now be calling Sebastopol, CA, home with Andy and Kathy.

Well, my name is Willow, and I've been in Redding for a few months already. I thought I had a home, but peoples' situations sometimes change, and I guess that's what happened in this case so I'm looking for that perfect home again. I came from a high kill shelter here in Northern CA. My foster parents were told that I ran "funny" by the staff at the shelter. Really, not so funny-I needed surgery on both back legs! I have now been through two knee surgeries, entropion surgery, and I have been spayed. I have been under the knife from front to back and top to bottom, but I am happy to say it is all over now. Sometimes when I run, my back legs still look a little "funny", but that doesn't stop me from playing and having tons of fun. As you can see, I am quite the beautiful girl and only about one year old. I am very friendly and love toys. I really don't know what more I can tell you because I think my picture speaks for itself!


Mindy was adopted by the Gardner family in Oakley, CA.

My name is Mindy, and I am a Craig's List dog. It seems my previous owners ran an ad on CL and wanted to sell me for "best offer". My foster mom made them an offer they could not refuse, and now I live in Redding. They gave me up because they lived in an apartment that only allowed one dog, and they already had a Pit Bull when they got me. Even I could figure out that eventually somebody would catch on and one of us would have to go. In this case that one would be me. I am a petite (35 pounds) black brushcoat and will be celebrating my first birthday in October. I get along great with other dogs-even other ladies. I love to play, and I am very affectionate. However, I am only going to shower you with my affection after I get to know you and learn that I can trust you. I am not a "one night stand" kind of girl-I am looking for a more meaningful relationship. I will require that you spend time with me so you can convince me that you are the "right" one for me. If you are willing to invest that time and effort, I promise you that you will not be sorry, because although I don't kiss and tell, I do love to give lots of kisses to the ones I love.

Charlie Chan

Charlie Chan was adopted by Beth and Dave in WA. His new Pei sister is Courtney who was adopted from us previously.

Hello to all you Shar Pei enthusiasts. My name is Charlie Chan, but mostly I'm just called Charlie unless, of course, I'm in trouble. I don't get in much trouble around here because I want to please my humans and make them happy. I have been neutered and had my eyes done since arriving in Redding, but my background is somewhat unclear. I guess my first and second owners just couldn't keep me so here I am. I don't even know why I have had two owners at this young age of about one a half years old. It could not have been my looks, because I am certainly not lacking in that department. I did live with dogs in my previous home so I guess I could live with them again. I really don't mind staying here, but I would like a home of my own again-only this time with a family willing to make the necessary commitment to keep me and love me for the rest of my life. I'm pretty sure if you got to meet me, you would know how easy loving me would be.

Charlie Chan's Guardians Angels

Johnson Family

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