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We are very proud of our hundreds of successful adoptions, and the many happy families that have returned to adopt from us again, and again, over the years.

Here are photos of some of our adopted kids. You can search by dog or family name.


Roxanne has been adopted by Roger in the Sacramento area.

First, I must apologize for this photo-not the photographer's fault, but I recently had eye surgery to make me even more beautiful and help me to see better, and the sutures are still in from the surgery. As you can already tell, I am a very attractive fawn brushcoat girl who really likes to play! Maybe my playing helps to keep my weight down because I only weigh about 38 pounds, and I'm only about one year old. As far as looks go, mine can't be beat! I am very outgoing and affectionate, and I think I might like a brother to play with or I wouldn't mind being an only doggie. I came from a small shelter in rural Northern CA where I had been running loose for two to three weeks and had to be trapped. I can't tell you much more than that about my background because I can't remember and don't want to. I am happy to be here with others of my kind and being taken care of. I would, of course, like a home and family to call my own someday. If you think I might be a good match for you, please get in touch with my foster parents.


Louis has been adopted by the Sinsley family in Southern CA.

Hello all you Shar Pei fans out there-I'm Louis aka Lou Manchu. You may remember me from a couple of months ago at the rescue. I was placed, and I am still in my forever home, but I need to find a new forever home. It's not that my new parents don't love me-they do, and I can tell they do and that they have agonized over making the decision to give me up. They also told me that it's nothing that I have done. I get along with my Pei brother and sister, and I am very friendly to all people. It has to do with the unfortunate position that they find themselves in, and now is not the right time for them to be able to take care of me properly. This will not be easy for any of us, but sometimes things happen in our lives that we have no control over. I will be sad to leave but know it is for the best. Right now I am still in Southern CA for the next two weeks. Maybe there is a Pei lover in this area looking for a new best friend. If so, please feel free to get in touch with the folks in Redding so they can put you in touch with me. I am still the same good looking guy...

Louis's Guardians Angels

Beth Berk
From the boys Roman and Newman. They hope you find a forever home and a best friend soon.
Jamie Pfister


Kahlua has gone home to Susanville, CA, with Jeff and Susie

What big eyes I have-the better to see you with! I'm told I have the biggest eyes my foster parents have ever seen on a Shar Pei. It certainly means I was spared from the entropion surgery most of my friends here have had to endure. It also gives me a very special "look" that I think is quite endearing. I came from a shelter in Visalia, but I guess my look was not all that special to my previous owners because they had no interest in coming to get me. I am only about two years old and quite small at 35 pounds. I am friendly but cautious at first. I like to get to know people before I give my heart to them-it was broken once before, and it hurt. Once I know you, I am very playful and outgoing. I am definitely sweet and petite. If you think I might be the right match for you, please submit an application under my name, and I will happy to review it. Oh, by the way, my name is Kahlua.

Kahlua's Guardians Angels

Roger Koch


Yogi (never on website) has been adopted by the Knight family in the Sacramento area.

Beatrice-Queen Bea

Bea was adopted by Tracy and Fred, and now calls Placerville home.

Hello everyone. My name is Beatrice-Queen Bea for short. I arrived in Redding from a shelter in San Francisco. I am only about one year old and I'm told I'm very "mouthy". Not that I am trying to be mean, I just like to grab everything in my mouth including hands. I am not trying to bite-it's just my "way". For this reason, if there were kids in a family that was considering adopting me, they should be older kids that would not be frightened by me taking their hand in my mouth. Really, it's not a big deal, but I thought you should know. Also, this photo was taken when I arrived in Redding in July. As you can see my skin was not in great shape, and I needed entropion surgery as well as being spayed. I was also suffering from an upper respiratory infection which seems to be common for those of us coming out of shelters. All of these "issues" have now been taken care of, and we all agree I am ready for my forever home. If you think I might be a good match for you, please fill out the application under my name. Thanks for considering me.

Beatrice-Queen Bea's Guardians Angels

Jojo Lai

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