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We are very proud of our hundreds of successful adoptions, and the many happy families that have returned to adopt from us again, and again, over the years.

Here are photos of some of our adopted kids. You can search by dog or family name.


Yogi (never on website) has been adopted by the Knight family in the Sacramento area.

Beatrice-Queen Bea

Bea was adopted by Tracy and Fred, and now calls Placerville home.

Hello everyone. My name is Beatrice-Queen Bea for short. I arrived in Redding from a shelter in San Francisco. I am only about one year old and I'm told I'm very "mouthy". Not that I am trying to be mean, I just like to grab everything in my mouth including hands. I am not trying to bite-it's just my "way". For this reason, if there were kids in a family that was considering adopting me, they should be older kids that would not be frightened by me taking their hand in my mouth. Really, it's not a big deal, but I thought you should know. Also, this photo was taken when I arrived in Redding in July. As you can see my skin was not in great shape, and I needed entropion surgery as well as being spayed. I was also suffering from an upper respiratory infection which seems to be common for those of us coming out of shelters. All of these "issues" have now been taken care of, and we all agree I am ready for my forever home. If you think I might be a good match for you, please fill out the application under my name. Thanks for considering me.

Beatrice-Queen Bea's Guardians Angels

Jojo Lai


Benny has been adopted by Mike and Susan in the Sacramento area. He joins a Pei sister, Bailey.

Hello to all you Shar Pei fans out there! My name is Benny, and I came from Phoenix, AZ, along with my companion Joon. Although we came in together, we can go our separate ways. I am a young adult boy, and I have had entropion surgery and been neutered so I am good to go. I'm a friendly sort of guy and can get along nicely with others. It's not really that I am boring, but I just don't have much to say at this point. I guess if you want to get my opinion about something, you will just have to visit me here in Redding. By the way, if you are thinking of making the trip to Redding, there is lots to do here and lots of beautiful places to visit-after you have met and visited with us. Hope to see you soon!

Benny's Guardians Angels

Louis Sheward
Terence Abad
In gratitude for all the amazing work done by Anna and Rich -- truly impressed after our visit to Redding earlier this year to adopt Eddy.

Carla Marsh
In memory of Shorty Genegabus

Lynn Bowers
In Memory of Julie Stewart
William Schell
From Brian and Steeler(2013)


Deeba has been adopted by Kathryn Diamond in Southern CA


Cinnamon continues to live in Northern CA with the Serotta family.

I am another new face here in Redding, and my name is Cinnamon thanks to all of your FB fans out there. I did come in with my companion, Dory, from a shelter in Oroville, CA. Not only do my eyes need surgery and I do need to be spayed, but I am also heartworm positive. If you are not familiar with heartworm disease, it is transmitted by mosquitos. Here in Northern CA we are at extreme high risk for the disease, but I have learned that a few dogs that came into this rescue from Southern CA were also positive. It is easy to prevent us from getting this disease with a once a month pill that you get from your vet. Once we are all tested for this disease then we are kept on the preventative year round at the rescue. The treatment for this condition is very costly, but more than that it is very hard on us who have to go through it. I have started my treatment and now have to wait two weeks for the second part of it. During the treatment I have to try and stay calm-that's not always easy for a two year old girl like myself. Once my treatment is completed, I will have my eyes fixed and be spayed. We must be treated first or there is a chance we will not make it through any surgeries. Anyway, I still have quite a long road ahead of me, but even with all this, I am a very loving and grateful girl for the care I am receiving. I know I may not look my best right now, but please know that I am a diamond in the rough, but a diamond never the less. I am a lilac horsecoat and according to my foster parents one of the sweetest and most loving dogs here.

If anyone out there is able to help with the cost of my heartworm treatment and/or surgeries, it would be much appreciated.

Cinnamon's Guardians Angels

Kris Dulac
Get well soon! Love Akima, Juno, Quinn, Teegan and the moms.
JoJo Lai
Myra, Tank & Doc Lawrence
Susan Trenholm
Leslie Basney
Toni and Bob Lordier

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