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California Shar Pei Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving homeless and abandoned Shar Pei from misery and death. We depend entirely upon the support and donations of concerned Shar Pei lovers throughout the world. Here's how you can help:

 Adopt a Dog

Every month we receive new dogs from shelters all over California and the Western US. WE DESPERATELY NEED HOMES!

It's easy to get started by simply filling out our online application.

 Become A Guardian Angel

We are a non-profit organization and depend on your donations to support our efforts. Many of our dogs need transportation or medical care. Not to mention food and shelter. It's not free. Some of our dogs may stay with us for weeks while we search for a home. If you can't take a dog, you can easily help us by becoming a Guardian Angel. Your donation will go towards buying food, medications, and even toys for your sponsored dog.

Visit our kids online and select a dog. Then become a Guardian Angel for our dogs.

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Contact us to request any information.





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