Well now that the new site has been up for a week, there are some questions I need to answer.
Q: What do the highlighted dates on the calendar mean?

A: If you click on the highlighted date, you will be able to read the blog entry for that date. Even though they may no longer appear on the main page, all the entries are lurking in the archives. You can also click on a category and see all the entries for that category. Nifty, huh?

Q: Why does it say "comments" at the end of the blog entries?

A: Good question! And the answer is...so you can add comments about the things we say! We enjoy feedback from the people who visit our site.

Q: Where is the store?

A: It's coming! Hang in there. We are working on a few things and we hope to launch in time for the Christmas season.

And now for a silly story:

I have been fostering Bernie at my house in Modesto, since March of this year. Bernie is a bit of a character, but he is ALWAYS happy. When Bernie first arrived, he needed some crate training. Well, he figured out that the other dogs wouldn't willingly go into his crate, so he would hide his favorite toys and treats under the blankets, in the back of the crate.

Another dog came along after Bernie completed his crate training and while that dog was crate training, Bernie used that dog's crate as a stash for his goodies.

Smart boy, right? Well he also managed to train me. Bernie loves to rub his face on damp towels. After a shower he will wait politely for me to lay the towel on the floor and he goes to town rolling and rubbing away.

It gets better. Bernie figured out that all the stuff coming out of the washing machine is damp. Woohoo! So with some very polite encouragement, Bernie now has trained me to always toss a small towel in each load, so that he gets a fresh damp towel everytime I wash.

I'm a sucker for a wrinkly face.