As the owner/guardian/loveslave of several Pei, I frequently get a lot of odd comments and questions about the breed. Over time I have learned that these are opportunities for me to educate people about my marvelous wrinkle pups.
I will admit to the occasional frustration with some of the (oh how should I put this?) "less well thought out" stuff that I hear. But, not everyone is enlightened as a Shar Pei owner/guardian/loveslave. :)

One misconception that I have been working on dispelling, is the notion that Shar pei are "hard to train".

Now we all know that Shar Pei tend to have "Selective Hearing" at times. This is a unique condition where they cannot hear you calling them to come inside, but they can hear a morsel of food drop 3 rooms away. This just goes to show you that Shar Pei are highly intelligent and tuned to the important things in life.

OK, kidding.

But seriously, as a professional dog trainer, I can assure you that Shar Pei are just as capable of being trained as any other breed. What is different about them, and many other breeds, is that they were originally bred to be able to think for themselves. They are not what trainers refer to as a "push-button" type of dog. I am continually complimented on how well-behaved and friendly my dogs are. But, a lot of work went into that. These guys are smart, and they will try to game the system, when the opportunity arises.

Shar Pei have demonstrated themselves to be quite capable of competing in obedience trials, agility competitions and other popular dog sports. I encourage Shar Pei owners/guardians/loveslaves to look into these opportunities for your Pei. And don't forget the AKC's Canine Good Citizen program. Even the least athletic wrinkle pup can excel at that! Just don't try dock-jumping. We all know how how these guys feel about water. And its not pretty.....

Now it's time for a nap.....