This has been a bummer of a year for adoptions. I'm not sure why but adoptions have been way down compared to last year. To those of you who have adopted a homeless animal this year, an enormous THANKS! If you are considering adopting a homeless animal, let me give you a few more reasons to do so:

(courtesy No Voice Unheard)
1) Be a hero. Adoption saves an animal whose life literally depends on getting a new home.

2) Adopting a homeless animal is a generous act of compassion, and an expression of the inherent value of animals.

3) You will be assured that you are not contributing to the homeless animal tragedy by encouraging the breeding of even more animals into an already-overpopulated world.

4) There's a large selection of animals to choose from (and not just dogs and cats!)

5) Looking for a purebred? If the animal you want is not at your local shelter, there is a rescue group for virtually every type of purebred dog and cat.

6) Adoption counselors have great expertise about animals, know the specific animals in the shelter, and can help you make the perfect match.

7) Many shelter animals are already housebroken and trained, and have some understanding of what living with a family is like and how to fit in. They have a "head-start" on animals from pet stores or breeders.

8) Most shelters screen their animals for good health and temperament.

9) Save money. Adopting from a shelter is usually less expensive than buying from a store or a breeder. Shelter adoption packages build in the cost of spay/neuter, vaccinations, and microchip identification into their adoption fees.

10) It's the right and ethical thing to do! You will be helping, one animal at a time, to bring an end to this nation's tragic homeless animal problem.