I know I've been a terrible slacker about writing. For some strange reason it's been busy around this little slice of Pei heaven.

Right now, I have a special guest. Ansel.

Ansel is a wonderful success story. He came to us because someone saw him being tossed from a pickup truck into a parking lot off busy Highway 132 in Modesto, CA.

Ansel was about 5 or 6 months old, maybe 20 pounds, and almost bald from generalized demodetic mange. Add to that some unusual scars, yucky ears and an umbilical hernia. What a mess!

After a few months of care, Ansel was adopted by Lily Yue of San Francisco, CA. Lily's twin sister, Shan and her partner Anna had already adopted two dogs from us, Obie and Moi-Moi.

Ansel is very tiny but he makes up for it by being very busy and talkative. He and my mini Pei, Beijing make up the duo known as "The Two Tiny Terrors."

There is lots more to Ansel's story but I need to go spend some time with my wrinkle pups. Right now Mulan and I are trying to manage 5 male Shar Pei. It's like a wrinkly frat house around here......Booyah!

Here's Ansel!