An update from Redding…

More than ever, our kids could use your help. Hurricane Katrina continues to impact rescues and shelters across the country. Because of the dogs displaced by this natural disaster our own local dogs are suffering in terms of very low adoptions and donations. We realize that every life is precious and that people want to help by opening their homes to a Katrina dog, but please remember Pei in CA are dying because there is no room for them here in Redding. We have had fewer adoptions this year since moving back to CA in 1999. During a normal year we place about 100 Pei. Through October of this year, we have only placed 50 dogs, and there is no way we can catch up. It breaks my heart to have to say “no” almost daily to homeless Pei who need our help. It seems we are always asking for your help, but please if you know anyone who might want to adopt a Pei and it’s someone who you know would provide a great home, refer them to our website. Financial donations are always welcome as well. This has been a very difficult year for me and Rich, and we can only hope that things will get better in the near future.

Recently we lost two more of our kids who had been in foster care for a very long time. Bobbi Yacavetti took great care of Billy and Mr. Wix until it was time for them to go to the Rainbow Bridge. Billy passed peacefully in his sleep, and Mr Wix had jaw cancer and had to be put to sleep. I know Bobbi misses both of them and did everything she could for them. We thank her for providing them a great home where they could live out their days with lots of love.

As Christmas approaches, you might want to consider a new leash and collar for your kid(s). Lots of you who have adopted from us like the collars our dogs leave with and want to know where you can purchase them. We will be offering them on our website next week, and all profits from purchases directly benefit the dogs in our care. Please help our kids this holiday season.

We hope this year ends on a happier note, and with everyone’s help maybe that can still happen.

Anna and Rich