2006 is almost over, and it has been a difficult year for us. Difficult because we weren’t able to help as many homeless Pei as we would have liked because adoptions were down from previous years. Difficult because donations were also less than in past years. But more than that it was difficult because we had to say “good bye” to many of our “kids” both here at the rescue and those who had found their forever homes. We will miss them dearly until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Christmas will be here and gone in a couple of days, but for one special girl Christmas this year will never end. She was given the gift of life. As you can tell from Noel’s picture, she is in very “rough” shape. Because of Sgt. David Nelson with LA County Animal Control, we were notified about this poor girl. He was able to expedite her adoption, and there was a transport waiting to bring her from Los Angeles, where she would have been killed, to Redding. For all her multiple physical problems-terrible skin, a cyst over one eye, and having very little or no vision-this is one happy girl. She has no idea she has any problem at all! She has obviously suffered from extreme neglect, but from now on she will be treated with kindness and love and will not know another bad day. We only wish we could do this for all who need us, but there are just too many. The best gift we could receive would be to have all of our “kids” in permanent loving homes, but until that time comes they will celebrate the holidays with us.

For all of you who continue to support and help us whether in your thoughts, with your kind words, with financial support, or in any other way, we thank you. Truly, we depend on you.

We wish for all of you a happy, healthy, and safe new year. More than that we hope you are all able to find the happiness and fulfillment in your lives that we have found in ours by loving and caring for these special “kids”.

Hoping you have the best new year ever,

Rich and Anna and all the “kids”.