It does seem that 2007 is starting out better than 2006 ended. Casper, Dexter, and Katie aka Noel have been adopted. Bonnie and Clyde will be leaving together and Mudslide and Kahlua will also be leaving together in the near future. All of this is good news, but there are still more who need to come in than are leaving. We just can’t seem to keep up. The following is the story in another rescuer’s words about “Charlie” who we have now taken in. Thankfully she took the time to let us know about Charlie and his sad situation. He may have died at the shelter without ever knowing the same loyalty from a human that he had for his poor Lab friend.

"I am a Director at Tuffie's Animal Rescue. I was picking up a dog at the Manteca Selter last night & a lovely shar pei (looks purebred) came into the Shelter. He & his lab buddy were running loose, his buddy was hit & killed by a car. Some onlookers took him in overnight, called the owner, got no answer & couldn't keep him as their dog is alpha. Poor Charlie is 5 years old & grieving over the loss of his buddy. He didn't want to leave his dead body. His owner came in & surrendered him to the Shelter this morning as he works out of the area & is gone several days at a time & the dogs kept getting out. Can you help at all? I'm in Vacaville & can help transport. Poor Charlie hasn't had much care & NO attention in a long time, but I think he deserves a chance."

Charlie will now have another chance. Traci Jennings picked him up from the shelter where he was and will be fostering him until there is room for him here in Redding.

A Note from Traci: I picked up Charlie on Monday, Jan 22. He managed to fit himself into my household seamlessly. He has yet to allow me out of his sight. One of the sweetest guys I have ever taken in (and that's saying something!)