We wanted to share something from one of our very talented adopters, Ney Fonseca. He adopted Leo and Moochie from us last year. He titled this the “Promised Land” and we can understand why. It’s a great tribute to his Pei, who he loves so much.

As I am writing this, we have placed 10 Pei into wonderful new homes. Unfortunately, Bonnie and Clyde’s adoption did not work out due to a family member developing severe allergies. They were only in their new home for about four days and had to come back to Redding. They got along great with their other dog, but some circumstances are beyond our control. On another sad note, Maple and Spice, who were adopted last year will be coming back. They were abandoned at a shelter in the Los Angeles area-thank goodness for microchips! Their owner had spinal surgery and could not take care of them any longer and put them in the shelter. Anyone who has adopted from us knows we will always take our dogs back if they can no longer be taken care of properly. Maple and Spice are now being fostered in the Los Angeles area, but they sure could use a home of their own. They are wonderful girls, and have already been through so much that they surely deserve a wonderful “forever” home of their own. We realize that sometimes things change that are out of our control, but adoption should always be considered a lifetime commitment.

Anna and Rich Payne