I wanted to say a little about one of our rescue dogs. Bosco, passed away this morning as I was driving him to the vet. He was my foster dog.

Bosco was an interesting guy. He was a gorgeous brushcoat, with a very independent spirit. He was fine with cats, dogs, kids and pretty much everything that came his way. He had his quirks, but he made a lot of fans among those he met. He had this calm, endearing quality that drew people to him.

Last week Bosco started to cough. We suspected maybe he had caught something and started him on an antibiotic. After a few days of no improvement I took him back in and had some X-rays done. The news was not good. And we discovered something startling. This sweet, calm gentleman was nearly twice as old as we had thought AND he had been walking around with some sort of bullet or pellet lodged near his spine.

A lot of people helped Bosco in his final months on this earth. Bill Koch and Randy Peterson, the guys that got him to Redding; Anna and Rich for taking care of him and driving him (barking the whole way) to meet me; the staff at my vet's office who pronounced him "the best one I've had so far"; and many others.

This morning, Bosco, left us for the Rainbow Bridge. I will miss him, as will many others. His ashes will stay here, in the last home he knew.

Bosco was a good dog.