Sometimes its difficult for people to understand why they can't have that cute puppy on our website. If we always had cute puppies, it wouldn't be so hard for us to place dogs. But the fact is, we rarely have cute puppies. The puppies we do get usually have problems, that's why we get them.

By the time we get done treating these little guys for entropion, mange, broken bones, ear infections, etc., they have missed out on a large part of their puppyhood. So we try our best to get them into a foster home where they can learn the skills necessary to be a good family dog. And we place them close to our puppy foster or our facility in Redding, so they can receive the followup care they will inevitably need.

Which is why, when we get flooded with applications for a cute puppy, we carefully screen each one. We are usually looking for experienced Pei owners, living in the state of California, who fully understand what exactly they are up against, by adopting a cute little guy with health problems. We are fully aware that there are great owners and great vets located throughout this country. But, we made a commitment to our dogs the moment we said, "Yes, we'll take him." And that commitment is for life. If, ANYTHING, happens to one of our dogs, we will ALWAYS take that dog back. Try getting a breeder to honor that commitment.

Didn't get that cute puppy you wanted? Consider this...most SharPei are full grown by about 8 months. For the next 8 to 12 years you will be living with an ADULT dog. We always have wonderful, adult dogs that would love a good home, with a caring owner and great vet care. Please consider one of these dogs. For every time we adopt out a dog, we can save a life in a shelter.

Lives are saved by open minds and open hearts. Join us in saving lives. You won't regret it.