I know I've been a slacker about updates for the front page. I will try to do better!

FYI, Lychee is now named Chloe. She is very sweet and timid but when she warms up she is a wiggle butt and a half! She loves to play, so if you have another dog that needs a playmate, she's your girl! An added plus, I had her crate-trained in a day and she has perfect potty manners.

Max had his eye surgery and will be ready to go as soon as the stiches are out. He is bomb-proof temperament-wise. Gets along with everyone (except cats, but that's sort of a given around here). If you want a very small guy with a HUGE personality, check him out!

More dogs are arriving this weekend. Unfortunately, the Shar Pei went from near extinction in the 70's and now they are raining like cats and, well, dogs! If you are thinking of getting a wrinkle pup, now is a good time!

I also want to wish, Jake, a fond farewell. He will be joining Hershey, in Southern California, on Monday. As you can see, he doesn't seem to mind leaving us at all: