Hi Shar Pei Fans.

As the summer draws to a close, we are faced with the ongoing problem of too many dogs and not enough space. Last week alone we took in six Pei. Although this year has been better for us in terms of adoptions, it is still slow. To date we have placed 43 Pei in new loving homes, but there are so many out there in shelters that we are still having to turn them down due to lack of space.

The poor girl you see in the photo is Eileen. As you can see she had a tumor under her eye. She is a stray from Yolo County, CA, which is just above Sacramento. One of the shelter staff contacted us to see if we could take her since her owner did not come forward to claim her. We had her spayed, the tumor removed, and entropion surgery was also done. The tumor was sent out for a biopsy, but we do not know the results yet. Unfortunately, poor Eileen has another problem. It turns out she is also heartworm positive. We will have to wait until she heals from her surgeries before we can begin her heartworm treatment. As some of you may know the treatment for this disease is not only painful and dangerous for the dog, it is also very expensive.

We are asking for your help to cover the cost of Eileen’s vet care. She is a very sweet and special girl, and gets along with just about everyone even though she must be uncomfortable. We made a commitment to take care of all her needs the day we took her into our program. Please help us to help her with a tax deductible donation towards her medical care. She is special and deserves the chance to know a better life.