Hello, my name is Janie. Animal Control in Manteca, CA, wanted me to be killed. I was picked up after I had been hit by a car and taken to an animal clinic for observation. It was observed that I am a wonderful girl who loves everyone-I was even their greeter at the clinic! The nice people at the clinic knew I deserved to live and called the folks in Redding to see if they would consider taking me. Unfortunately, I have a fractured tail and pelvis which sometimes makes me a little cranky when touched in those areas. The only thing that can be done for me is to let me rest and let these fractures heal on their own. I am already able to pick my tail up and wag! I am a beautiful black bearcoat-somewhat rare I am told. I really do get along with everyone but need to stay in Redding until my injuries heal and I can be spayed. Please keep me in mind if you will be ready for a wonderful new companion in about a month.

Now for the rest of the story. The reason I was out running and got hit by a car is that my previous owners decided they no longer wanted me, or my two companions, and opened their door and turned us all loose. Both my four legged friends are also Shar Pei and thankfully were not injured before they were caught. There is my friend Jasper, also a black bearcoat who looks just like me, and my friend Otis, who is a black horsecoat. What is wrong with you humans? Some of you think that turning us loose is better than taking us to a shelter. Let me tell you it is not! We run the risk of being hit by a car, which I can tell you is a very frightening and painful experience. I'm just lucky I was found and not left to die on my own. There is also the chance of starvation-we are domestic animals and cannot fend for ourselves and find food. Most humans don't want stray dogs around and will try to scare us off by various means-most not so pleasant. We cannot fight off wild animals who may want us for a meal of their own. There are so many things that can and do happen to dogs whose owners set them free. Humane euthanasia would be better than the other alternatives. Anyway, that is our sad story, and we all deserve better. Remember, Jasper looks just like me and is looking for a home now, and as soon as Otis gets to Redding and is neutered, he will be available also. Their pictures will soon be posted. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if you are able to donate to our vet care while we are here in Redding, it would be much appreciated.