All of us from Homeward Bound California Shar Pei Rescue wish you a wonderful holiday season. We are thankful for all of the people that rescued a wonderful Pei from us and supported our efforts to care for and find homes for all the homeless and neglected Shar Pei.

A quick reminder to everyone: People food is not good for your pets!

We all feel generous and loving to our pets, but it is possible to love them to death. So, before you slide off into your turkey/football/beer coma, put the left overs away. This is a time of year when many pets end up at the vet's office because well-meaning people wanted to give them a treat. Pancreatitis, bloat and similar disorders are extremely painful and usually fatal.

If you suspect bloat in your pet, get to the Emergency Vet as fast as you can! If you have any anti-gas medications on hand (aka simethicone), try to get some into your pet on the way. I keep infant anti-gas drops (mmm banana-strawberry!) on hand, just in case.

And now we present....Griffey Claus!