I just want to share my sad story with all of you. It would be sad anytime, but it is especially so during this season. My previous guardian, Paul, is 81 years old and had worked as the manager of a storage unit facility for the last 20 years. He also lived next to the office so he could keep on eye on the place. I have been his constant companion for the last eight years. He took me away from his grandson who was not caring for me properly when I was about two. I had jumped out of a car window and needed hip surgery and Paul took care of that and became my new “person”. We have been best buddies ever since. That is until the owners of the storage unit facility decided to update and computerize their business. They did not want to retrain an 81 year old man, and so they fired Paul, and he lost his living arrangements. Being on a fixed income, he was limited as to where he could go, and when he did find a place, I was not allowed to go with him. Now we are both heart broken. I know Paul is happy knowing that I am safe, but I also know he misses me as much as I miss him. Here is part of the note he wrote when he gave me up:

In the eight years I’ve had Bodie, I only needed to scold him 2 times. But for the most part Bodie is a great friend. Bodie understands “no”. He is protective of his property. Signed with a tearful heart,


I know I don’t look ten years old, and I really love all people-even kids. There must be someone out there who has room in their hearts and home for an old boy like me. I’m really no trouble, and I know Paul would be so happy to know that I have another loving home since we can’t spend our last years together. Please help two old guys to know that people care by considering adopting me.