Agnes is recovering nicely from her surgery. She is still slow and stiff, but making good progress for a lady of advanced years. She will be going to live with one of our best volunteers.

Merrian Black has been with Shar Pei Rescue since its inception. She lives, with her husband, in a pretty rural area. They don't have internet or cellphone access (how cool is that?!) She usually takes the dogs that have little or no chance of adoption. Typically they are special needs dogs. Merrian cooks special foods for each dog and provides them with much needed love and care. Sadly, her dog Toni passed away suddenly this week. Toni was quite old, but seemed healthy. She went in her sleep and that was a blessing.

Agnes will spend the rest of her days snoozing by Merrian's always blazing woodstove. I will miss her but if I were a dog that's the place I'd like to be. Thank you Merrian for being you!