A couple of weeks ago, I transported 2 Pei from Sacramento County shelter to our wonderful folks in Redding. One was on the euthanasia list because he would try to bite anyone handling him. When I went into quarantine, I met a beautiful dog and he seemed that he wanted to interact. Then I noticed his back feet. Both were swollen and misshapen from infected dewclaws. It also turned out he had several dislocated toes. Somehow, something inside of me felt that he had it in him to be an amazing dog when he felt better. I agreed to take him. The officer wouldn’t let me walk him to my car because they were afraid of liability.

When she finally brought him out his face was bleeding from her tying a rope around his muzzle (a technique that does not work on Pei.) She was unable to get a hold on him to put him in the crate. Finally, I told her to leave him to me. I got him up and into the crate (first try) and got him out of there. Because of his messed up feet I named him Keyser (from the movie "The Usual Suspects.")

Yesterday I got the report that he was happy, grateful and pain free. Hearing that made me cry. I knew it was in there once he got past the pain. He wags his little Pei butt off at Anna and Rich. Anyone can handle him and he is one of those dogs that KNOWS he was rescued and is thankful. He will be a wonderful dog for someone someday.

They would have killed him for being in pain. I’m grateful that we could give him a new life.