We received a very uplifting email from one of our adopters. By adopting one of our dogs, it seems he returned the favor...

Subject: Re: Safe by a Shar Pei

Dear Anna & Rich

It has been about 5 years since we adopted two Shar Peis ( Ming/Maude red fawn and Bix/dirty Harry cream color shar pei) from your Rescue. Both are doing well and happy with us.

I just wanted to write to tell you thank you so much for finding us our two beautiful dogs. A few weeks ago, as you know Northern California was plummeted by heavy rainfall and gusty wind about 80 miles per hour.

Our boy Bix (the cream color horse coat shar pei) who is used to sleeping with us in our bed was restless and kept pawing my husband Ray starting about 0130 and he kept at it every 15 to 20 mins. He has never done this before even on stormy nights before. We thought that he wanted to go outside to relief himself. When we open the door, he refused to go outside, even with much coaxing.

We were tired and went back to bed and he was very persistent and finally we got up and went downstairs again and then when we heard loud crashing noises outside our back yard. We saw several trees started to fall and a 70 foots cypress fell at an angle inches from our bedroom.

If the tree would have fell straight forward, it would have came down over the roof into our bedroom and on our bed. That was when we realized that Bix had sense danger and was trying to get us up and out of the bedroom. Our boy Bix was trying to save our lives. My beautiful boy is our guardian angel. I wanted to share this story with you. By rescuing a dog, you’ll never know when he’ll return the favor. Thanks for finding us our two beautiful kids. Here are some updated photos of our kids.


Diane Levinson