We want to place dogs. Really we do. But sometimes we get adoption applications that aren't filled out and that really slows down the process. Here are some tips to help us with your application:

1) Fill the application out as completely as possible. The more detail, the better. We love our rescued Pei and don't want them to be returned because you forgot to tell us you had a cat/snake/hamster...and it became a squeaky toy.

2) Full street addresses only, please. We can't do a homecheck at a P.O. Box.

3) Listing your other pets is crucial. We have limited ability to tell if our dogs are safe around cats/snakes/hamsters, etc. Shar Pei are amazing hunters and for a lot of our dogs, cats are a no-no. We are rescuers and we hate to see a life lost due to misinformation.

4) Please list your veterinarian and a contact number. Even if you are not currently using a veterinarian, please let us know who you used in the past. It's important to us that our dogs get excellent care.

5) Please. please, please...if you rent we must have the contact information for your landlord. Like we said, we want our Pei to stay in the loving home of an adopter.

6) Be open-minded about which Pei you want to adopt. Sometimes, one of our dogs will generate a lot of applications. We have many other wonderful dogs that would love to make you the center of their universe. Please give them a chance; you will help save another life.

7) We can't take requests. If you are looking for an 8-week-old, blue, brushcoat, female meat mouth, we can't help you. Think of us as a thrift store for Pei. You know that somewhere in our facility is an amazing dog. You just have to look.

8) Please be patient. We are all volunteers and it sometimes takes a few days for us to get back to you. We really want to make sure you get the right dog and our dog gets the forever home of its dreams.

Thank you for considering adoption. Everytime one of our dogs is adopted we can save another dog from a shelter. We can't do this without you!