Hi everyone.

Well, the holidays are fast approaching, and it should be a happy time of year. Unfortunately the country’s economic woes affect not only the humans but our four legged friends as well. Whether it’s a result of the mortgage crisis or just hard times, we are getting calls everyday about Pei who need our help. Here at the rescue we’re “dancing as fast as we can”, but it seems we just can’t keep step with the music that’s being played. We took in four new dogs this weekend-two from Utah, one from Southern CA, and one from Davis, CA. That puts us one dog over the number of kennel spaces we have here. We just couldn’t turn these “kids” down, but now until we place a dog, we will be saying “no”. It’s the sad reality of rescue, but if you or anyone you know anyone who is thinking of adopting a Pei, there couldn’t be a better time. Our “kids” deserve happy holidays too, and the best present anyone could give them is a new loving home. Until that time they will celebrate with us.

Our dog food situation is a good news/bad news story. The good new is that we are being donated quite a lot of Natural Balance dog food that we couldn’t afford to feed if it weren’t for the donation. The bad new is that it is being donated in Southern CA, and we have to get it to Redding. If anyone reading this drives a pickup (or any vehicle) that can accommodate 1,000-2,000 pounds of dog food and would like to drive to Redding, we could sure use your help. If you have never been to Redding, it is really a beautiful place to visit. Maybe you could make it a mini vacation, and if necessary we will even pay for the gas. Please email us at: rpayne@shasta.com if you are able to help. There might even be a dog who needs to hitch a ride to Redding along with the food.

It seems most news these days is bad news, but we do have a lot to be thankful for. We are grateful for all of you who continue to believe in us and support us through good times and bad. We have lots of great dogs in our care who continue to love us through the good times and bad. And we will continue to try and keep that promise that we make to each and every one of them who enters our rescue, and that is to find them a new loving home. In the meantime we planning some big holiday feasts-just us and our dogs! Who could ask for more?

Have a happy and safe holiday season.

Anna and Rich