We hope everyone had a great holiday season, and we’re all hoping for a better new year. The weekend after Christmas we asked Dave and Dee Faraca if they would be able to pick up two “kids” in Southern CA who were out of time in different shelters. They happily agreed to a “road trip” and began their adventure. Because Karly (who was left in the backyard when the owners moved out of their house) was in Banning, we asked Joe Anderson, another adopter, if he would pull her from the shelter and meet Dave and Dee along their route. As always, Joe came through and delivered Karly. In the meantime, Kappy was being bailed from the Carson shelter. Everyone met, and the two dogs have a new start at wonderful lives. We are so grateful to these volunteers for making this happen for Karly and Kappy. Without this transport, these dogs would probably have died in their respective shelters. We would like to share photos of these two very lucky dogs, along with the heartfelt note we received from Dave and Dee…

Hello up there...................... I know Dee has been talking to you about "Karly" & "Kappy" but I just had to chime in. lol

That was quite an experience getting these little friends. I truly didn't know what to expect as we drove to LA but was excited to be able to help. At first seeing Kappy I was surprised to see him all curled up shaking while all the other dogs were barking and jumping around. A lot went through my mind, if he was in absolute fear or he knew that the end might be near...................Whatever it was I couldn't wait to get him out of that cage! He was as friendly as ever and couldn't wait to get out of there. We gave him as much time to get used to the carrier but I'm sure he didn't know what to expect. He turned down a couple of offers for some treats..............but then after getting out and doing his duty he must have felt a whole lot better and a treat was welcomed with "open mouth". I kept waiting for a mean side or something that might qualify him to be taken to a shelter and dropped off..........but nothing..........he had kisses and kisses and kisses. He was starting to pull on my heart strings ever so gently.

When we met up with Joe to get little Karly we were very shocked at her condition. How could someone abandon this little cutie and walk away. She was very very cautious of us and once she got into her carrier she decided to just stay there and wanted nothing to do with us. She had no need to trust us and we could tell that it was going to take time for her and us before we could begin to erase all the bad that Karly had experienced in the beginning of her life. Then a little miracle happened.......Dee left her fingers in Karly's carrier while she drove and Karly eventually put her paw on Dee's fingers! A beginning, just a little, but it was a start. bye the time we got home treats were well accepted by the both of them and the kisses were given freely without being asked for. It was then that I figured they knew that some of their fears were beginning to subside.

I know it's only been a couple of days but I'm fully convinced these little ones just needed a little luv'n and care. They didn't deserve the hand they were dealt. Kappy is my best friend, "just ask him" ,following me all around the house reminding me that he is still here and that a little hug would be appreciated. And little Karly loves, loves, loves the chance to eat.lol She is just exploring everything within sight. Dee has taught her to sit. The trick of using the doggie door is a little hurdle for now but we are getting there. I told Dee that 'she is just like a little lady waiting for a gentleman to open the door for her". How's that for social skills?

Another interesting note is that the other dogs, even though their noses are a little out of shape, haven't gone crazy with the two new kids. I find that very interesting. I understand that all dogs aren't going to share the same good nature that these two have shown us but Karly & Kappy have proven to us that it was well worth the trip to help them start a new life with all kinds of love and hugs that we can give.

Thanks Rich & Anna for what you do!

P.S. Everyone including me got a shower and we all smell soooooooo good. Have good day! Dave