Hello Shar Pei Lovers,

We are happy to say that all of our puppies have been spoken for at this time. I wish we had enough to place one with everyone who submitted an application, but we don’t. Please consider an adult dog. They need homes as much as the puppies do-maybe even more. Puppies are wonderful, but so are the adults. None of the Pei in our care deserve find themselves in a rescue environment, and some of our “kids” have been here for a very long time. We certainly don’t mind taking care of them and love them all, but they all deserve a home of their own where they can receive much more time than we can give with so many here. I’m asking on their behalf-won’t you please consider opening your heart and home to one of the “kids” here who isn’t a puppy any longer. It shouldn’t mean that their lives are less valuable. I promise if you do this you won’t be disappointed. They have so much love and devotion to give, and as much as we love being the center of their universe, it’s a universe that we and they would like to share with you.

Anna and Rich in Redding