Good Morning to all,

Rich and I can never really thank Deanna (and Russell) enough for all they have done for our “kids” here at the rescue. Her help comes in many forms including, but not limited to: arranging for home visits to get done, helping us during an evacuation due to fires, and of course fostering our puppies. As this last litter is leaving, we have asked for help with three from the litter below. They do have some eye and skin problems, but aside from that have great temperaments. They are about four months old now, and the owner was trying to give them away free in from of Petco in his town. They will be vetted here in Redding, and then Deanna has agreed to provide them the necessary training to assure they have a great start in life-so far life hasn’t been too good for them. Keep your fingers crossed that the owner follows through with giving them up to us.

Thank you Deanna from both your two and four legged friends in Redding-we couldn’t do this without you!

Thanks to all of you too, who have helped us in so many ways-from doing home visits to adopting one of our kids to helping with fundraising. It really does take all of us to keep this rescue going, especially during these very difficult times.

Make it a great weekend!