Kathy Allred, Willard’s new “mom”, sends her heartfelt thanks to all who donated to help cover Willard’s multiple surgeries:

"Hi Anna,

One more thing. I know you have already thanked all the donors for Willard. However, I would like to thank them also. Willard is just so sweet and he certainly deserves to be loved as much as he is. If it weren't for all his vet bills being paid by all the donations he received and you so generously volunteering to pay for his surgeries, I'm sure he would have had to wait much longer for a forever home. I would not have known the joy of being Willard's new BFF!

I appreciate everyone who helped Willard more than words can ever express and I especially appreciate all you do for these kids. I have had the opportunity to love 3 of your kids and it wouldn't have been possible but for you."