Hello all you Pei lovers. We are sorry for the lack of communication for the last few months. In answer to those of you who asked, yes, we are still in business. Unfortunately, it’s a sign of these tough economic times that there are more Pei than ever who need our help. We are over our legal limit, and we are still two people trying to keep up with all we need to do for those in our care. At this time we cannot take in any new dogs until some are placed. This economy offers us a double edged sword-more and more people are unable to keep their dogs, and less and less people are in a position to adopt.

We do have some beautiful Pei available for those of you who might be considering adopting. If so, please get in touch.

We hope you all had a great summer, and we will try to do better in letting you know what is happening at the rescue. Thank you for your concern for us and our “kids”. Although sometimes having so many dogs here at our home seems overwhelming, we are grateful to be able to provide them the care they need until they find their “forever” homes. It is with your continued support in so many ways that we are able to do that.

Anna and Rich