Good news! After two weeks at our vet’s hospital, Mitchell is finally home with us. As you can see, his stomach is distended and shaved from the multiple surgeries. He is still sporting a pain patch, but it is well deserved. He has gone through two emergency surgeries as well as the first scheduled surgery. It turns out his intestines had twisted after the first surgery so a section was removed, but then other complications developed. Mitchell never gave up so we didn’t either. I am cooking special food for him, and he has to eat small portions four times a day for the next week. Until two days ago he was being fed through an IV, so the fact that he wants to eat is a huge step for him. He has tried and continues to try so hard and is so grateful for anything he gets. His attitude remains loving to all, and we will continue to try and make the rest of his life the best that it can be for him.

Two weeks at vet’s hospital with 24/7 care and three surgeries comes at a high price-please help Mitchell if you can. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting him you will understand like we do why he is so special.

Thank you.