We hope everyone is enjoying the springtime and are sorry for the long delay between updates on what is happening here in Redding. Mitchell is doing well but not completely out of the woods yet. His bloodwork is still not normal-he is still anemic and his white count is up. He is still on antibiotics for this, and we’re hoping the next time his blood his tested it will be normal. Other than that, he is doing very well and is outgoing and playful. He has been spending most of his time in the house with us and our other four legged friends, and he probably won’t be leaving us. We’ve been through so much with him, and with the loss of Kaiya about the same time he came to us, it would be very difficult for us to give him up now. We usually try to take in a hard luck case at Christmas time, and this year it was Mitchell-very lucky for all of us! As Rich said, “he came into our lives when we needed him and he needed us”.

It is a very sad today for us. Today Magoo will lose his battle with cancer. Magoo has fought a good fight since last year when it was diagnosed, but this morning both Rich and I can tell he is ready to go be with Kaiya. It is always such a difficult decision to make but looking at Magoo this morning we know it is the right decision for him. He has been a great friend to Rich and a great “husband” to Sophie, his long time companion. I wish we could explain to her that he won’t be coming home today from his last ride in the truck that he loves so much. We will all be going through the grieving process again-made even more difficult by the loss of Kaiya only three months ago. We’ve lost two very good friends recently and miss them beyond words.

That being said, we still have many Pei here who depend on us daily, and in the memory Kaiya and Magoo and of all we have lost before them we will continue to help the ones who need us the most. I know if they could talk that is what they would want us to do and there is no better way to honor their memories.

Anna and Rich