It’s been a while again since our last update. As far as Mitchell goes, his bloodwork is now normal and so is he. He is a happy, healthy boy, running around the house and tormenting us with the constant enjoyment of his “squeaky” toys. Rich believes he was sent to us to help us get through the loss of Kaiya and Magoo and to help make us whole again. Mitchell is making every effort to do that, and is a great source of laughter for us.

Yesterday we again had to say goodbye to another one of our “kids”. When I went out to the kennel at 4am yesterday I noticed that Carson had not eaten his dinner. I talked to him and offered him his favorite treat, chicken jerky, but he wouldn’t eat that either. Even that was not cause for alarm, because occasionally in the past he would skip a meal. He did, however, seem to be a little out of sorts, and he also had a very “distant” look in his eyes. I remember thinking that we would probably lose him soon. I finished my kennel chores and came back into the house. About 15 minutes later Rich came in and told me Carson had put his head down and gone to sleep for the last time.

Carson had been with us for five years. It became evident soon after getting him that he was a “difficult” dog. He would not allow anyone but us to handle him, and at that even we couldn’t push him to do anything he did not want to do. He was a big boy-around 80 pounds-so we respected his wishes! Carson was happiest when he was “sucking” on his blanket eventually making it look like Swiss cheese-and he went through a lot of blankets in the time he was with us! We wanted for Carson what we want for all of our “kids”, and that is become part of a family of their own. When we realized that was not going to happen for Carson, he became a member of our family. We made the same commitment to him that we make to every Pei who comes into our program. If we are not able-for whatever reason-to help them find their very own family-they have a home here with us. So, even though Carson was not a Pei we could really get close to, he was a friend to us. We loved him and will miss our “big boy” who now joins Kaiya, Wendy, and Magoo who have all passed in the last four months and the many others who have gone before them.