Redding Update

We need your help once again. We have been getting our dog food donated by the pallet for quite a while now. Although the food is donated, it is located in Southern CA. Up until now a previous adopter has very generously donated the cost of the shipping to Redding, but the situation has changed so we need to cover that cost now. It may seem odd to ship dog food to Redding, but it is a very expensive premium food that we, as a rescue, could not afford if it were not donated. Our adopter is allowing us to use a commercial account and discount so it is only about $350 to FedEx 2200 pounds (two to three pallets) of food to us which Rich then picks up at the FedEx terminal here in Redding. We do have a pallet in Southern CA now waiting to come up. If you are able to help us with a donation in any amount, we would very much appreciate it as would our “kids”. We all deserve to eat good food.

I will be unavailable for the next few days and then playing “catch up”. Please be patient if you are waiting for a return email or phone call.