It's long overdue so here is an update for the homepage:

It's welcome to summer here in Redding with the temperatures finally hitting the triple digits. Our "kids" are comfortable since their kennel is cooled. It was cooler out there this morning than in our house. We are hoping things will cool down a bit, but it is, after all, summer in Redding!

First, we want to thank everyone who helped with a donation to help get the dog food in Southern CA to Redding. All of your help is much appreciated and for now we are ok in terms of food for our "kids". We do need your help again (still). This year we have taken in dogs with very serious health concerns which result in very high vet bills. It started with Mitchell, then there was Newman who had a broken leg, and we have Alphie (who is not on the website yet) who needed soft palate surgery to be able to breath better and also has a severe case of mange which requires daily treatment and weekly medicated baths. We have taken in eight Pei who needed eye surgery as well as needing to be altered. We also have a five week old Pei boy we just took in who is blind. He will be seeing a vet this week to determine what is the best course of action for him. His "breeder" took him to a vet hospital and wondered if they would take care of him if she took him to a shelter. They would have "taken care of him" before she was out of the parking lot, and we couldn't let that happen. She wouldn't even pay for the ointment he needed for his eyes to make him comfortable. Yesterday we took in a four month old Pei from his third owner during his short life. He was vomiting and wouldn't eat. It turns out he has Parvo and as I write this he is fighting for his life. As long as he is willing to fight, we are willing to fight for him.

All of this comes at a huge expense. Our vet bills for the rescue so far this year are approaching $25,000, and we are only half way through the year. We realize that times are tough and are very appreciative of any amount you might be able to help with. It all adds up and helps us to continue to help those Pei who have nowhere else to go. Up until now we have never turned down a dog because we could not take care of its medical needs. We would like to continue to be able to do that for the poor dogs who need us.

I recently talked to someone who wanted to know if we are "all about the money" and if we make a living from these dogs. I was somewhat offended and hurt that anyone would think that. Please know that 100% of your donation goes towards helping our "kids"-no one associated with this rescue is paid. Rich and I are passionate about what we do here and are happy that we are able to donate our time 24/7 to caring for these dogs. What we get in return is not payment in money but in knowing that there are hundreds of Pei out there who we helped to get out of bad situations and into loving homes. Rescue dogs are very grateful for what they receive once they get here-they let us know by sharing their love with us everyday, and that is something money can't buy. It is payment enough for us.

Please help our "kids" if you can, and have a great summer.

Anna and Rich