Hello Everyone, Odin here. I have been reading this blog and thought I would post the straight skinny, as there seems to be a bit of confusion regarding my eye sight. As you can see from my statement, “I’ve been reading", I don’t have any problems seeing. I arrived in the care of my foster mom with my eyes cloudy. But with a couple of weeks of meds and continued daily use of lubrication, my eyes have cleared up and I can see quite well. When Mom lets me out in the morning I go out and pee and then walk over to the place she keeps the lubricating drops, and I sit waiting for her to administer the drops. I do so enjoy the post drops treats she gives me. There is some scarring, but it does not bother me or impede my ability to “run-h..l-bent-for-election” across the yard to tackle one of the Pei that lives here or to go in and out of the house to find Mom. I've become quite the social butterfly. Yesterday I had a play-date with Calvin, a neighbor’s cat. We had a grand time playing and I am invited back anytime. I understand my next play-date will be with a couple of Chihuahuas, and I am so looking forward to that. TTYL- Odin