First, we would like to thank everyone who expressed an interest in Odin. Odin has been adopted and will be living in Santa Cruz with Jane and Bruce. We never have enough puppies to go around, but all of our other "kids" need good homes as much as Odin did-maybe even more. Please consider an adult Pei as a new addition to your family. That brings us to "Wizzard" and his story. Wizzard has been in a shelter in Southern CA for thirteen months and if not adopted or placed in an all breed rescue will die there at the end of the work day on Saturday, Aug 7. I will let him tell you his story.

Hello. My name is Wizzard. I have been residing at the Rancho Cucumonga Shelter in Southern CA for the last 13 months, which means I came here before I was even one year old. It is thought that I am a Greyhound/Shar Pei mix, although I seem to have more of the Greyhound characteristics. I am energetic and would make a good running or jogging companion. I am told that I am smart, but I have no way of knowing that nor do I care. I am crate trained and good on a leash, and I love my toys and treats. I have spent some time with some lady friends here that are about the same size and age as I am, and all I want to do is play! I have even been featured as Pet of the Week, but still I am skipped over. I think it's the color of my fur. I know some of you have experienced discrimination for one reason or another, but you won't pay for it with your life. I will. You see, no matter how wonderful I am, I will die at the end of the day on Saturday. I really need you to help me find a place to go. If you can't adopt me, maybe you know someone else who will open their heart and home to me. Perhaps you know an all breed rescue that could help me find a forever home. The shelter staff and volunteers have come to know and love me (that's why I have been here so long)and they have tried so hard to help me find a home, but now it's come down to the wire because there is no more room for me. I am begging for my life. Please help me find a family so that I can show them what unconditional love really is-I have so much to give and so much life left to live-at least I
hope so... Thanks for taking the time to read about me.

Wizzard Thank you sooo much Anna. I love this dog that is why I am (personally) offering the $200 donation to anybody who will rescue him. He is smart, active, loves to go for walks with volunteers here (and he is great on leash). He is Pet of the Week (feature pet) but people skip over him because he is brindle color and they want light colored animals (same with black cats). I really don't get it - he should have been adopted along time ago. He is so cute! He does get protective of his area, loves toys and treats, does very well in his crate at off site events. We had him paired with spayed female dogs - about the same age and size as he is - he just wants to play. I will be in tomorrow and Friday, but off on Thursday and Friday this week. I can work with you until August 7th, then that is about it. Hope and pray someone comes thru on this guy! Thanks again so much, Barbara

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