Well, the summer is drawing to a close-we hope it was a good one for everyone. There are not many changes here in Redding, and unfortunately, not many adoptions. There are so many more Pei who need our help, but due to lack of space availability we can't take them in. We will be adding a couple of new "kids" so please take look when you have a minute. We have so many great dogs here who always seem to be passed over. It seems the longer they are here, that people begin to think there is something wrong with them. I can assure you there is nothing "wrong" with them other than having been left behind when adoption time comes. All of our "kids" deserve loving homes, and although they have a home with us for as long as it takes, it is our wish for all of them to have there own families. We spend individual time daily with every Pei here, but after all there are only two of us for all of them. Please consider one of our long time residents when it is time to open your heart and home to a new family member.