It seems so many of our updates this year have been letting you know of our losses. Unfortunately, this one is no different. Last week we lost "Isaac" who had come to us about five years ago. It became apparent early on that Isaac was not an adoptable Pei. Although he loved me and Rich very much, he did not trust anyone else and was very unpredictable around strangers. As with every Pei who comes to us, we made the promise to Isaac that he would have a home here with us for the rest of his life-and so he did. About the same time we took Isaac in, we received an email from a soldier in Iraq whose name was Isaac. That is how our Isaac got his name. We are happy to say that Isaac (the soldier) has ended his term of service to our country and has returned home to Utah safely. We are so grateful to him and all the others who risk their lives to keep this country safe. Last week our Isaac seemed to be losing his appetite, and he was eating less and less. Finally, he would not even eat the treats he loved so much. On Monday we took him to see Dr. Larry, and they did some blood work. On Tuesday, we were told the blood work reflected that Isaac had kidney disease and his kidneys were probably only functioning at about 25%. We were told Isaac was not in pain and that we might have about two more weeks with him. Wednesday morning Isaac was still going outside and holding his tail high. By noon on Wednesday when Rich went out to walk the "kids" Isaac seemed more depressed and wouldn't jump up on Rich's knee as was their routine. Rich hugged Isaac and told him that if he were really tired and didn't feel good, it was ok to let go. When Rich went out in the evening to do the final feeding and walk, Isaac had "let go". It was as though he listened to Rich and understood. Although Isaac's "forever home" ended up being with us here in Redding, we loved him very much, and he is missed. This year has been a struggle for us in terms of personal losses. We appreciate you patience as we try to catch up and keep this rescue going. Anna and Rich