Hello, My name is Marisa Franczuszki

I am now sponsoring Caesar I recently put my 9 3/4 yr old sharpei to sleep due to sharpei-fever and a brain tumor which ultimately took her to angel status. As her job was finished here on earth. I had her for 2 yrs. and I would not take any of it back. She was such a blessing and the love of my life. Such a gentle loving soul. I rescued her from the Sacramento animal shelter. The people who had her before were not nice to her and likely abused her. So stong, stoic and the picture of unconditional love. I learned so much from her as she was here to watch over me and accompany through my transitions. I would love it if you could put her picture next to my name as she is the one guiding me to sponsor this beautiful animal. I'm not sure how you can do that and if you can. Either way I know my money is being put to a good use. Attached is Loretta-Lynn's photo and I also copied and pasted it in the email.