Colchicine is one of the drugs used to control FSF (Familar Shar-Pei Fever) and help reduce deposits of amyloid protein. This drug is a major player in increasing the longevity of our dogs with FSF. A drug company took out a new patent on colchicine this year. The cost went from $0.44 a pill up to $5.00 a pill. Please help by signing the online petition

As some of you may know the prices of Colchicine (due to the patent on the single ingredient Colchicine based drug Colcrys) have sky rocketed making it unaffordable for many in the US. Dr Vidt has appealed to the Pharmaceutical Company as well as the FDA's Center For Veterinary Medicine who have thus far not offered any solution and the URL Pharma has denied Pei access to their Patient Assistance Program thus far. Dr Vidt's editorial on this is here:

Some of us have written to the email addresses he advises but so far no luck. I encourage all to write emails to these at the link above but also we are compiling signatures on a petition (link below) requesting affordable Colchicne/access for Pei to the patient assistance program. Please everyon sign, cross-post, email this petition to friends for signatures, share on FB or whatever it takes to help folks continue to be able to provide this necessary medication to FSF Pei to help prevent death from Amyloidosis. If we cannot get this done many US pei may go without access to this essential medication due to the HUGE price increase in this bad economy. Please help, it is for the dogs.

Thank you, JL Wortham-Morgan