Happy spring to everyone. Hopefully, our weather here in Redding will soon reflect this change of seasons. Apparently, Mother Nature has not yet been informed that winter is officially over!

We will be adding several new dogs in the next few days, and Marta is one of our new additions. In my 20+ years of rescuing Pei I had never heard of this before. Someone had tried to do entropion surgery at home. Those are staples in her eyes. Of course now they have been removed and she has had her surgery done by Dr. Larry. It's hard to imagine what she must have gone through. She remains a very calm and loving girl and will be a great addition to just about any family. Please look for her bio soon as well as a new picture.


Gypsy is doing well, but unfortunately will never regain the use of her front leg. Please don't tell her that there is anything wrong because we don't think she knows she is handicapped. She gets around just fine jumping on and off the furniture and playing with her stuffed "babies". She is waiting to have the pin removed from her back leg and then we will have the heartworm treatment done and she will be spayed after that.

Finally, we really need your help as never before. So far this year our vet bills have totaled over $9,000. When you factor in other expenses required to keep this rescue going, we are spending more than we are taking in. Unlike the government, this rescue must "live" within its means. We are lucky to have a little saved for a time like this, but it won't last too long. Please, if you are able to help with any amount, it would be much appreciated by all of us here in Redding. We want to continue to be able to help the less fortunate of this breed who find themselves with nowhere to go if we can't take them in. Please help us so we can help them.

Anna and Rich