Please allow me to introduce myself-my name is Lizzie. My previous owners dumped me along with my companion, Leonard, at a stranger's house on Christmas Eve. Perhaps they thought because the people who lived in the house where we were left own a Pei, that they wouldn't notice a couple more. I guess this is one of those "good news-bad news" situations. The bad news was that the people who found us could not take care of us. The good news is that they contacted my foster parents in Redding, and they agreed to take us in. As you can see, I was not in great shape to say the least. My foster parents took me straight to the vet even before they took me home. My skin had scabs on top of scabs and was oozing from them. I got scraped and shaved and dipped, and it was determined that I have a type of mange-not contagious-and a yeast infection. This photo was taken on Feb, 1, and I have come a long way since then. Someday I will be a beautiful sable bearcoat girl, but in the meantime I will update my photo soon so you can see how pretty I am already in just a month. I have always been pretty on the inside-I love all people and other dogs. All the folks love me at Dr. Larry's office, and they know me pretty well since I have been going twice a week for my dips. Anyway, I'm still getting the medical care I need to get completely healthy and ready for my new forever home, but if you think you could be that home, I will review your application. I am going to be very careful because I never want to end up in the condition that I was in when this photo was taken. I'm a really good girl and deserve better as do all my brothers and sisters here in Redding.