We want to thank everyone who expressed an interest in adopting Rose. We had quite a few qualified applicants, but in the end we decided it would be in her best interest to stay somewhat local. She did have some extensive eye surgery-the last one being just yesterday. Her new family will stay on with Dr. Larry so he can do the rechecks and will be available quickly if she needs him. She became a very special girl to us, and we know her new family already feels the same way about her.

We also want to let everyone know that we will be raising our adoption fee to $350. We have not raised the fee since we moved here 12 years ago although everything else involved in keeping this rescue going has gone up in price. We have been able to keep this rescue going until now with the old fee, but we are unable to do that any longer. We have an average of $500 invested in each Pei just in vet care, not to mention the day to day costs that we incur for their care here at the rescue. This alone will not keep this rescue going without help from all of you. We make a commitment to each dog we take into the program, and that is to make sure all their needs will be taken care of as long as they are with us. We have never compromised on that commitment, and we never will. That being said, we really need some help-no donation is too small. Our dogs need you now more than ever before. Please help our "kids".

We hope everyone is enjoying what is left of spring and that the summer will be a time of fun and relaxation.

Anna and Rich