Dear Shar-Pei Rescuers,

It is that time of year again to ask for stories and pictures from your adopters about the Shar-Pei they have adopted from you. Nationals will be in Chattanooga, Tennessee in September this year. I will again for the third time be doing the Wall of Rescues. It is very important to rescue that the visitors to Nationals and participants see the much needed work that the rescues are doing to save abandoned and abused Shar-Pei. I don't need to tell you how overwhelmed we all are and have been for some time. You are living it. Hopefully the "Wall "will nudge those that are attending to get information on Shar-Pei, to adopt a dog from rescue. I am usually near the "Wall" to talk to people and to tell them about how great our rescue dogs are, when they are looking at it.

I would appreciate it if you would forward this e-mail to your adopters, so they may participate if they would like to do so. I am also attaching a picture of two of the many panels I did for the 2010 Nationals in Kansas. I did balloons and sunflowers {"Wizard of Oz" connection for Kansas}.

Guidelines for adopter's stories.

Tell about your dog/dogs you adopted from a Shar-Pei rescue. {In memory of Shar-Pei and/or those you have now.} Please include your name, you may do first name only if you wish, name of your dog/dogs that you adopted from a Shar-Pei rescue, and the name of the rescue.

Please limit your words to 250 or less per dog. I know, we could all write a book about those wonderful family members!

I would appreciate 3x5 pictures to 5x7, the largest. To get them to fit the "frames" I make, those sizes are best, so I don't need to resize all the pictures. I also retype many of the stories to get them to fit also. As you will see on the panel below, I sometimes cut the dogs out and use them that way. Making the "Wall" is very time intensive, { at least for me, Lol } so please send as soon as possible. The cut-off date for receiving stories and pictures is July 14, 2012.

Address for mail:

Jane Wake GA Shar-Pei Rescue 4283 Parish Trace Marietta, GA 30066

If mailing, please include your e-mail address or phone number in case I need to get in touch with you. I will use the following e-mail address to keep them out of my daily e-mails, so I don't miss any of them. That is Pound Kennel 2 all pushed together.

Thanks for participating,