Hello fellow Shar Pei lovers. The weather is cooling off a little bit in Redding as we get ready for fall. It's a beautiful time of year here with the fall colors coming on. Rich's back surgery went very well, and he has taken back all his duties of caring for our "kids". We did not take in any new dogs while he was recovering, but recently have taken in two-Marlow and Dorthy. You can read more about them by going to "Our Kids".

We will be taking in two more Pei this week-Bertha and Simon from a shelter in the Los Angeles area. As soon as they arrive in Redding and we get to know them a little bit, we will be adding them to "Our Kids" as well. We have a lot of wonderful Pei here who are all looking for forever homes. This is a great time of year to adopt-after summer vacations and before the holiday season begins. We will soon be at the point of not taking in new dogs until we are able to place some that we have. We only have so much space, and the kennels will soon be full again. Unfortunately, that will leave some dogs with nowhere to go.

We would like to thank all of you who have helped us in so many ways to help this rescue continue to save Shar Pei lives. We appreciate the many ways you have come through for our "kids" in terms of financial support, time spent updating webpages, and emotional support when we need it. Running a rescue means being on an emotional roller coaster that definitely has its ups and downs, but it's a worthwhile ride!

Please consider adopting and/or referring us to your friends who might be interested in having a Pei in their lives.

Anna and Rich