Hello and Happy Spring to everyone! I'm sorry for the very long delay between updates. So far 2013 has been good to us and our "kids". We have placed 12 dogs this year with one more adoption pending. The best news is that two of our recent adoptions were for Lou and Major. Major had been with us for about a year and went to a wonderful home in San Diego. Lou had been with us for about two years and went to a great home in Southern CA with previous adopters. Lou was the third Pei the Medinas have adopted from us in the last ten years. Here is their Face Book quote:

We adopted Amanda almost 6 years ago from California Shar Pei Rescue. Lou is the third one we have adopted. Our first one was Andy, who we adopted 10 years ago. He had cancer and was on Chemo which prolonged his life but eventually he got an internal infection and we had to send Andy to doggy heaven. Now that we have Lou it has filled a void since Andy has been gone. He is a great loving dog and loves to give kisses. Thank you for letting us have another wonderful opportunity to rescue another Shar Pei.

This year California Shar Pei Rescue celebrates its 15th anniversary. The last fourteen of those years have been spent in Redding. We want to thank so many of you who have known and supported us from our beginning when we moved back to CA in 1999. You have helped us in so many ways-financially, by volunteering your time, or most of all by offering your homes to one or more of our "kids" over the years. We are always so grateful that the adoption process was a positive one and that when the time is right you feel comfortable enough to come back to us for another "best friend".

I can't think of a better way to celebrate the last 15 years than by honoring some of the dogs we have here, that will for one reason or another live out their days with us. We know and care for every dog we place so that we know what kind of homes they need. We also know when a dog is not a good candidate for adoption, but that does not mean that he or she does not have a home here until they cross the "Rainbow Bridge". There are only two reasons we may euthanize a dog. Those are terminal illness or extreme aggression. These are some of our "kids" who are just never "chosen" to go into a forever home. Almost always it is not their fault-it could be their age, or looks, or sometimes we don't even know why they are continuously overlooked. People who know me know that I want for every dog we take in to find a forever home with a new family, but if that is not possible, then we are committed to caring for them and loving them until "death do us part".

The first Pei I would like to reintroduce you to is Cookie. Here is her story:

Cookie came to us from the Upland Shelter in Southern CA in 2008. According to our Dr. Larry's best guess she was about 10 years old then which makes her about 15 now. Since she has been with us, she has been paired up and lived with several male Pei-always outliving them. She seems content now to be living alone and sleeping much of her time away, enjoying her special food and treats and lots of soft blankets. Cookie has always been a wonderful girl, but was elderly when we took her in, and there was never any interest in her. I wish someone else could have gotten to know and enjoyed her sweet disposition as much as we have-she is a treasure, and we will treasure her for her remaining time with us.