We have been receiving our premium dog food from a pet food bank in Southern CA for quite a few years. We got our last food from them late last year and are going through it quickly since at this time we are responsible for feeding 30 dogs here at the rescue. Unfortunately, the pet food bank has not received any donations for several months now and is not anticipating receiving any in the near future. When our current food runs out, we will be faced with paying retail. Even with a substantial discount per pallet, our food will go from $200 per pallet to somewhere close to $1500 per pallet.

We all know that our breed does not do well on "junk" food and feeding them less than a premium food is just not an option for us. One pallet of food (2000 pounds) will last us about four months.

We are asking for your help in obtaining the food we need for our "kids". A donation in any amount will help and when added to others will help us to purchase the food we need. Our commitment to each of the dogs taken into our program is to provide them the best of care while they are with us. That includes a healthy diet of premium food to achieve and maintain their physical well being.

Please help our rescue family.